Volume 31,Issue 1,2018 Table of Contents

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Innovation and Development of Remanufacturing with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era
  XU Bin-shi
  Published 2月 23日, 2018 (6 pages)
  2018,31(1):1-6 [Abstract(1455)]  [View PDF 419.92 K (1477)]


Surface Modification of GH202 Nickel Based Superalloy by Intense Pulsed Ion Beam Irradiation
  ZHONG Hao-wen, LIANG Jia-chang, ZHAO Xiao-yong, ZHANG Shi-gui and LE Xiao-yun
  Published 2月 23日, 2018 (8 pages)
  2018,31(1):7-14 [Abstract(1275)]  [View PDF 3.86 M (818)]
Surface Integrity and Anti-fatigue Performance of TC4 Titanium Alloy by Mass Finishing
  LI Xiu-hong, LI Wen-hui, WANG Cheng-wei, YANG Sheng-qiang and SHI Hui-ting
  Published 2月 23日, 2018 (11 pages)
  2018,31(1):15-25 [Abstract(1144)]  [View PDF 6.06 M (786)]
Effects of Composite Strengthening on Microstructure and Mechanical Property of K403 Aluminized Alloy
  XIE Meng-yun, WANG Cheng, ZHANG Pei-yu, CHAI Yan, DAI Peng-li and LI Qiu-liang
  Published 2月 23日, 2018 (6 pages)
  2018,31(1):26-31 [Abstract(991)]  [View PDF 1.73 M (1163)]
Effects of Low Temperature Supersaturation Gaseous Carburization on Mechanical Properties of 316L Austenitic Stainless Steel
  JIANG Yong, LI Yang, ZHANG Xian-cheng and GONG Jian-ming
  Published 2月 23日, 2018 (7 pages)
  2018,31(1):32-38 [Abstract(1030)]  [View PDF 3.21 M (774)]
Influences of Current Field Frequency on Alternating Current Field Enhanced Pack Boriding on 45 Steel
  XIE Fei, CHENG Jian and PAN Jian-wei
  Published 2月 23日, 2018 (6 pages)
  2018,31(1):39-44 [Abstract(698)]  [View PDF 6.46 M (639)]
Numerical Analysis of Thermal Stress on Thermal Barrier Coatings in Start-up Stage for Gas Turbines
  LIU Jian-hua, LIU Yong-bao, LIU Li and HE Xing
  Published 2月 23日, 2018 (14 pages)
  2018,31(1):45-58 [Abstract(951)]  [View PDF 6.17 M (934)]
Stamping Simulation Analysis Based on Tribological Properties of Die-binder Area
  CHEN Ping, SHI Zhe, LA Ying-qian and XIANG Xin
  Published 2月 23日, 2018 (8 pages)
  2018,31(1):59-66 [Abstract(1017)]  [View PDF 4.20 M (745)]
Effects of Sputtering Process on Interfacial Structure of CrAlN/TiAlN Nano-scale Multilayer by X-ray Reflectometry
  DU Xiao-ming, ZHENG Kai-feng, WANG Yan, LI Xin-xi, ZHANG Gang and HUANG Chao-qiang
  Published 2月 23日, 2018 (7 pages)
  2018,31(1):67-73 [Abstract(898)]  [View PDF 2.05 M (1004)]
Wear Corrosion Resistance of CrSiN/SiN Nano-multilayer Coatings Deposited on TC4 Titanium Alloy in 3.5%NaCl Solution
  HE Qian, SUN De-en and ZENG Xian-guang
  Published 2月 23日, 2018 (7 pages)
  2018,31(1):74-80 [Abstract(1067)]  [View PDF 3.45 M (679)]
High Temperature Oxidation Resistance of NiCrAlYSi Coating Deposited by Arc Ion Plating
  DU Wei, SHI Qian, DAI Ming-jiang, YI Jian-hong, LIN Song-sheng and HOU Hui-jun
  Published 2月 23日, 2018 (7 pages)
  2018,31(1):81-87 [Abstract(779)]  [View PDF 5.25 M (672)]
Wear and Corrosion Resistance of AlSi10Mg by Selective Laser Melting and Micro-arc Oxidation
  BIAN Pei-ying, SHAO Xiao-dong and DU Jing-li
  Published 2月 23日, 2018 (8 pages)
  2018,31(1):88-95 [Abstract(1002)]  [View PDF 3.70 M (850)]
Effects of Process Parameters on Content of Serpentine in Micro-arc Oxidation Coatings on Aluminum Alloy
  ZHENG Shi-bin, CHENG Dong, YU Guang-yu, YAN Zhi-jun, ZHU Xin-he and MA Chun-sheng
  Published 2月 23日, 2018 (10 pages)
  2018,31(1):96-105 [Abstract(671)]  [View PDF 7.38 M (613)]
Laser Assisted Palladium Free Activation Process for Electroless Nickel Plating on ABS Plastics
  DAI Jing-xiong, ZHONG Liang, GONG Wei and CUI Kai-fang
  Published 2月 23日, 2018 (8 pages)
  2018,31(1):106-113 [Abstract(932)]  [View PDF 4.29 M (812)]
Surface Metallization of ABS Without Palladium and Corrosion Resistance of Ni-SiC Coating Deposited by Electroplating
  ZHANG Heng and KANG Zhi-xin
  Published 2月 23日, 2018 (9 pages)
  2018,31(1):114-122 [Abstract(778)]  [View PDF 7.95 M (688)]
Preparation and Properties of Water-based Chromium-free Zn-Al Alloy Coatings Enhanced by Nanoparticles
  JIANG Qiong, GAO Xin, JI Tie-an, SUN Yu, SU Gui-hua and MIAO Qiang
  Published 2月 23日, 2018 (8 pages)
  2018,31(1):123-130 [Abstract(850)]  [View PDF 4.46 M (698)]
Erosion-Corrosion Mechanism of AC-HVAF Sprayed Amorphous and Cermet Coatings in Hydraulic Fracturing Fluid
  SUN Li-li, WANG Zun-ce and WANG Yong
  Published 2月 23日, 2018 (9 pages)
  2018,31(1):131-139 [Abstract(864)]  [View PDF 4.53 M (766)]
Comparison of Tribological Properties of Two Monocrystalline Silicon Surfaces Grafted with PSVBA Brushes
  ZHANG Zhao-xiang, SHEN Ming-xue, XU Peng-shuai, PENG Xu-dong and WANG Yu-ming
  Published 2月 23日, 2018 (8 pages)
  2018,31(1):140-147 [Abstract(1101)]  [View PDF 5.19 M (738)]
Fabrication and Properties of Superhydrophobic ZnO Sponge for Oil-Water Separation
  CHENG Qian-hui and LIU Chang-song
  Published 2月 23日, 2018 (8 pages)
  2018,31(1):148-155 [Abstract(1141)]  [View PDF 3.33 M (780)]
Preparation and Application of Melamine-urea-formaldehyde Self-healing Microcapsules Modified by Nano-Al2O3
  TONG Xiao-mei, HAO Qin-qin, YAN Zi-ying and GE Shi-jie
  Published 2月 23日, 2018 (9 pages)
  2018,31(1):156-164 [Abstract(786)]  [View PDF 5.96 M (745)]


Effects of Carbon Trading and Subsidy Policy on Remanufacturing Closed-loop Supply Chain
  ZHANG Hai-mi, LIU Bo-hai, LI En-zhong, ZHANG Di and ZHOU Xin-yuan
  Published 2月 23日, 2018 (10 pages)
  2018,31(1):165-174 [Abstract(1206)]  [View PDF 9.07 M (652)]