Volume ,Issue 2,2005 Table of Contents

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Study on Lead-free Weldable Coating of Chip Electronic Components
  ZHANG Yin, LI Ji-sen, QI Kun, CHEN Mei, LOU Hong-tao
  2005(2):1-4,11 [Abstract(1278)]  [View PDF 65.64 K (1560)]


Current Status of Chemical Modification Methods for nano Particles
  CHEN Yun-hua, LIN An, GAN Fu-xing
  2005(2):5-11 [Abstract(1425)]  [View PDF 428.52 K (3925)]


Investigation on Surface Modification of Nano-SiC Particles
  LI Chao, WANG Shao-qing, DU Jian-hua, HAN Wen-zheng
  2005(2):12-14,18 [Abstract(1354)]  [View PDF 182.14 K (1592)]
Microstructure,Friction and Wear Characteristics of Brush-Plated n–Al2O3/Ni–P Composite Coating
  XIANG Yong-hua, DONG Shi-yun, XU Bin-shi
  2005(2):15-18 [Abstract(1277)]  [View PDF 309.45 K (1470)]
Microstructure and Properties of HVOF Sprayed Fe- based Amorphous and Nano-crystalline Coating
  WANG Cui-ling1,WU Yu-ping2,ZHANG Ping3
  2005(2):19-22 [Abstract(1130)]  [View PDF 405.57 K (1793)]
Tribological Behavior of Nano-Cu Particles as Additive in 50CC Lubricating Oil
  YU He-long1,XU Yi1,LIU Qian1,SHI Pei-jing1,XU Bin-shi2
  2005(2):23-26 [Abstract(1404)]  [View PDF 419.43 K (1573)]
Study on Self-sealing Mechanism of Zn and Zn-Al Coating Based on Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy
  LIU Yan1,2, ZHU Zi-xin 1, MA Jie3, LI Zhuo-xin 2, XU Bin-shi 1
  2005(2):27-30 [Abstract(1415)]  [View PDF 272.55 K (1719)]
Preparation and Tribological Performance of Ionic Liquid Films on Various Substrates
  YU Bo1,2, GUO Zhi-guang1,2, GAO ping1, ZHOU Feng1
  2005(2):31-34 [Abstract(1245)]  [View PDF 481.01 K (1873)]
The Effect of Fractal Dimension of Interface Appearance on the Adherence of Enamel Coating/Base Metal
  LI Xin-mei, WANG Yong, LI Wen-xi, HAN Tao
  2005(2):35-38,43 [Abstract(1236)]  [View PDF 145.05 K (1592)]
Study on Chemical States of VO2 Thin Films Prepared by Sol-gel Method
  JIANG Shao-qun1, MA Xin-xin1, SUN Ming-ren2
  2005(2):39-43 [Abstract(1170)]  [View PDF 186.23 K (1881)]


The Effect of pH Value and MoO42- Concentration on the Plating Rate and Structure of Electroless Ni-Mo-P alloys
  LU Zhong-ming, GAO Yan, ZHENG Zhi-jun
  2005(2):44-49 [Abstract(1291)]  [View PDF 507.64 K (1427)]


Prof.JIANG Xiao-xia Addressing Application and Research of Electroless Plating
  2005(2):50 [Abstract(1021)]  [View PDF 53.44 K (1375)]