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  2003(5) [Abstract(874)]  [View PDF]
  2003(5) [Abstract(889)]  [View PDF]
  2003(5) [Abstract(990)]  [View PDF]
  2003(5) [Abstract(926)]  [View PDF]
Inorganic Zinc-Rich Coatings on Steel Structural Components for Preventing Corrosion
  LI Jin-gui
  2003(5):1-4 [Abstract(1063)]  [View PDF]
The optimum Technologies and Prospects of Solid Boriding
  YUAN Xiao-bo1,YANG Rui-cheng1,CHEN Hua1,WANG Wei-lan2
  2003(5):5-9,14 [Abstract(1219)]  [View PDF]
Application of Rare Earth Addition on the Chemical Heat-treatment
  JIANG Jing-hua,JIANG Jian-qing,MA Ai-bin,ZHANG Xu-hai
  2003(5):10-14 [Abstract(1190)]  [View PDF]
The Microstructure and Sliding Wear Behavior of Fe-Al/WC Composite Coating Produced by High Velocity Arc Spraying
  ZHU Zi-xin,XU Bin-shi,MA Shi-ning,LIANG Xiu-bing,ZHANG Wei
  2003(5):15-19 [Abstract(1293)]  [View PDF]
Study on the Forming Conditions for Chromizing Layer on T10 Steel in Double Glow Plasma Surface Chromizing Process
  CHI Cheng-zhong,YUAN Qing-long,GAO Yuan,HE Zhi-yong,XU Zhong
  2003(5):20-22,26 [Abstract(1152)]  [View PDF]
Plasma Nitrocarburising of Austenitic Stainless Steel at Low Temperature
  ZHAO Cheng
  2003(5):23-26 [Abstract(1228)]  [View PDF]
Optical Properties of ITO Films
  WANG Min1,MENG Ji-long2,CHEN Ming-guang3
  2003(5):27-29,32 [Abstract(1245)]  [View PDF]
Study on Microstructure of Surface Layer for the Carburizing-warm Extrusion Gear Forming
  ZHANG Xing1,ZHANG Zhi-min2,LI Bao-cheng2,CHANG Bao-hong2
  2003(5):30-32 [Abstract(1134)]  [View PDF]
Logical Model About Flow in Interficial Microscopic Hole of Intelligent Friction Material
  LIU Qing-qing,FU Su-li,HAN Wen-zheng,DING Hua-dong
  2003(5):33-35 [Abstract(1186)]  [View PDF]
Analysis of Application and Wear Resistance of the High-energy Ion Implanted WC Coating
  ZHAO Tian-lin,ZHAO Gang
  2003(5):36-38 [Abstract(1163)]  [View PDF]
Microstructure and Tribology Characteristics OF Laser-cladding Composite Ceramic Coating
  LIU Run,ZHAO Jian-feng,HUANG Yin-hui,HUA Guo-ran
  2003(5):39-42 [Abstract(1227)]  [View PDF]
Study on the key Technologies in the Production of Hot-dipping 55Al-Zn on steel for Highway Fences
  ZHU Chen-fu1,WEI Yun-he1,YU Ping1,WANG Zhen1,CUI Wei1,ZHANG Jin-ling2
  2003(5):43-44,47 [Abstract(1095)]  [View PDF]
Research of Micro-plasma Arc Welding of Casting Co-Cr Alloy for Oral Cavity Repair
  WANG Ke-hong,XU Yue-lan,LIU Yong
  2003(5):45-47 [Abstract(1300)]  [View PDF]
Academician KE Wei Talking about Loss by corrosion and countermeasure in China
  2003(5):48 [Abstract(1112)]  [View PDF]