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The Study of the Micro-crack Morphologies on the Initial Electroplated Chromium Layer by Substrate-chemically Etching Method
  ZHANG Guo-xiang1,2,3,LI Huai-xue1,3,CHEN Guang-nan1,ZHANG Kun1,LUO Geng-xing1
  2006(4):8-12 [Abstract(1286)]  [View PDF 453.51 K (1711)]
Numerical Study of the Plasma Region of High Velocity Wire-Arc Spray
  DONG Rui-tao, SUO Shuang-fu
  2006(4):13-15 [Abstract(1314)]  [View PDF 363.52 K (1584)]
Hot–dip and Diffusion-Treated Aluminizing Layers on Austenitic Heat Resistance Steel
  GUO Qin, LUO Xin-min, CHEN Kang-min, PAN Li
  2006(4):16-20 [Abstract(1333)]  [View PDF 581.76 K (2029)]
The Cavitation Behavior and Slurry Wear Resistance of WC-12Co Cermets Coatings Sprayed by AC?HVAF Technology
  WANG Guo-gang, SUN Dong-bai, FAN Zi-shuan, YU Hong-ying, MENG Hui-ming, MA Guang, XU Jie
  2006(4):21-24 [Abstract(1660)]  [View PDF 916.83 K (1994)]
Research on the Properties of HVOF Ni-based Coatings
  LI Fang-po, WANG Yin-zhen, WANG wei
  2006(4):25-27 [Abstract(1281)]  [View PDF 208.41 K (1680)]
The effect of Laser Treatment on the Bonding Strength Between Ceramic Substrate and Cu Electroless Plating layer
  SHEN Yi-cheng, XU Zhen-lin, ZHAO Xiong-chao, GU Zhi-jun
  2006(4):28-31 [Abstract(1609)]  [View PDF 286.44 K (2636)]
Study on the Particle’s Formation and Distribution of the Centrifugal Atomization Plasma Spray
  DU Xiao-kun,ZHU You-li,LI Zhan-ming,YE Xiong-lin
  2006(4):32-35 [Abstract(1356)]  [View PDF 377.99 K (1835)]
Dispersal and Surface Decoration of Carbon Nanotubes
  LI Zhi-man, KANG Yu-qing, JIN Hai-bo, CAO Mao-sheng
  2006(4):36-39 [Abstract(1194)]  [View PDF 532.46 K (2184)]
Microstructure and Wear Resistance of Welding Surfacing Layer of Fe-Cr-Ti-Nb-V-C Alloy System
  ZHANG Yuan-bin1,2,SHI Yao-wu1
  2006(4):40-42 [Abstract(1255)]  [View PDF 298.85 K (1748)]
Analysis of Surface Roughness of Pure Titannium After Surface Nanocrystallization by High-energy Shot Peening
  YANG Lei, ZHAO Xiu-juan, CHEN Chun-huan, CHEN Ting-ting, XU Xiang-lai, REN Rui-ming
  2006(4):43-46 [Abstract(1324)]  [View PDF 658.64 K (2311)]
Study on Properties of Plasma Sprayed NiCrAlY+(ZrO2+Y2O3)Coating on Refr actory Steel Surface
  LU Tao1,CHEN Fei1,DING Hua-dong2
  2006(4):47-49 [Abstract(1189)]  [View PDF 319.78 K (1680)]


  2006(4):50 [Abstract(1000)]  [View PDF 25.86 K (1796)]


Effect and Application of Double Glow Discharge Surface Alloying Process
  GAO Yuan1 ,XU Zhong2
  2006(4):1-7 [Abstract(1807)]  [View PDF 456.33 K (1486)]