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Study on the Contribution of Engine Remanufacturing to the Recycle Economy
  XU Bin-shi1,LIU Shi-can1,SHI Pei-jing1,XING Zhong2,XIE Jian-jun1
  2005(1):1-7 [Abstract(1483)]  [View PDF 190.19 K (1975)]


Progress in Studies on Tribology of Metal-based Composite Coatings
  MA Hong-yu,ZHANG Si-wei
  2005(1):8-15 [Abstract(1489)]  [View PDF 198.46 K (3122)]


Effect of a Cermet Additive on the Wear Behavior of Steel-on-steel Friction Pair and Ferrographic Verification
  GU Yan-hong1,TIAN Bin2,YUE Wen1,LU Jian-guo1,WANG Cheng-biao1,GUO Feng-wei3
  2005(1):16-19,23 [Abstract(1230)]  [View PDF 186.98 K (1534)]
Thermal-mechanical Coupling Finite Element Analysis of Stress Field in Laser Cladding Process
  HAO Nan-hai, LU Wei, ZUO Tie-chuan
  2005(1):20-23 [Abstract(1516)]  [View PDF 230.83 K (1586)]
Study on the Anti-wear Behavior of Ni-Co/Diamond Nanocomposite Coatings
  WANG Li-ping1,2, GAO Yan1, XUE Qun-ji1, LIU Hui-wen1, XU Tao1
  2005(1):24-26 [Abstract(1357)]  [View PDF 342.08 K (1734)]
Studies of Computational Fluid Dynamics in the Flow Field of a High Velocity Wire Arc Spray Gun
  XIANG Jian-hai, SUO Shuang-fu
  2005(1):27-29 [Abstract(1278)]  [View PDF 204.01 K (1700)]
Friction and Wear Characteristics of M2 High Speed Steel at High Speed Dry Sliding Condition
  LUO Xia,ZHANG Yong-zhen,CHEN Yue,TIE Xi-shun
  2005(1):30-33 [Abstract(1324)]  [View PDF 302.14 K (1689)]
Study on the Paint Remover of Zinc Rich Epoxy Primer Coating
  HUANG Xue-wei1,LIANG Zhi-jie2,HUANG Qi1
  2005(1):34-38 [Abstract(1495)]  [View PDF 346.26 K (1351)]
Study on Surface Modification of GCr15 Bearing Steel by Plasma Immersion Ion Implantation and Deposition
  SUN Tao, TANG Bao-yin, WANG Lang-ping, WANG Xiao-feng, YU Yong-hao
  2005(1):39-41,46 [Abstract(1276)]  [View PDF 325.65 K (1489)]


The Problems of Coated Hearth Rolls in Continuous Annealing Furnace and Development of a New Coating
  GAO Yang
  2005(1):42-46 [Abstract(1223)]  [View PDF 843.32 K (2568)]
Fracture Failure Analysis of Torsion Bar with Surface Defects
  LI Li , ZHU You-li, HUANG Yuan-lin
  2005(1):47-49 [Abstract(1270)]  [View PDF 403.42 K (2121)]


  2005(1):50 [Abstract(958)]  [View PDF 80.79 K (1578)]